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Full Highlight

$165+150 min

Partial Highlight

$155+120 min


$200+135 min


$150+120 min

Root Tap

$115+90 min

Platinum Card

A platinum card is a direct on the scalp lightening process!!!

$350+180 min


$95+60 min

Extension Move Up

Move up pricing is different depending on how many rows you have…STARTS at $180 for ONE row

$180+120 min

Initial Extension Install (read)

Prices may be more or less depending on the type of install (sews vs tapes) Price does NOT include hair cost! Must consult with you in salon prior to scheduling!

$400+120 min

Extension Removal

$9060 min

Brazilian Blowout

$190+120 min

Brazilian Blowout express

$130+90 min

Woman’s Haircut

$45+45 min

Kids Cut

Ages 6 & up only

$25+30 min

Men’s Haircut

$2530 min

Bang Trim

$1530 min

Shampoo/Blow Dry/Style

$35+45 min

Spiral Perm

$250195 min

Women’s Perm Short Hair

$90+120 min

Merm AKA Perm

$95+90 min

Up Do

$65+60 min

Dread/Braids Extensions

$250+10 min


$120+180 min

Hair Tinsel Extensions

This week special price is what’s listed normal price is $65 for one row! Must have dry clean hair price is install only!!

$50+60 min

Brow Lamination Only

$85+60 min

Brow Lamination With Shape & Tint

$10560 min

Brow Lamination With Shape

$9060 min

Brow Shape

$1315 min

Brow Tint

$30+30 min

Classic New Lash Set

Prices vary between which style of set: classic/hybrid

$125+120 min

New Volume Lash Set

$165135 min

Hybrid New Lash Set

$145+150 min

2 Week Lash Fill

Prices range depending on how much need filled

$60+90 min

3 Week Lash fill

Starting price is $65 & increases as to how much I have to fill

$70+90 min

Lash Tint

$4045 min

Lash Lift/Tint

$90+60 min

Lash Lift/Tint + Keratin Treatment

$11570 min

Lash Extension Removal

$3045 min


$030 min

1 1/2 Hr Massage

$120120 min

1 Hour Massage

$8560 min

Bacial*back* Microderm + Massage

$6545 min

Customized Eminence 5 Layer Peel

Customized facial, using enzymes to exfoliate and target your issues of choice. Full facial, exfoliation, treatments, masque, massage, moisturizer.

$10060 min

Basic Facial

Cleanse, Exfoliate, + Facial Steam with a relaxing Mask and Massage! Always included with every facial you will be topped with Water Gel moisturizer, and SPF🤍

$85+60 min

Dermaplane Facial

$8575 min


$250+60 min


$10090 min

Hydro Facial Or Hydropeel

Vacuum machine that infuses nutrients into the skin, exfoliating and moisturizing for a healthy glow, includes full facial, exfoliation, masque, massage, moisturizer

$10060 min

Led Light Therapy

$4520 min

Led Light Therapy Package

4 Sessions in a 2 week time frame

$15020 min

Makeup Application

$3560 min


Diamond head sander, that exfoliates the top layer of the skin, sanding out fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing rough patches and acne skin. Includes full facial, exfoliation, masque, massage and moisturizer

$10060 min

Microdermabrasion Facial

Excludes the manual exfoliation and uses a mechanical device to exfoliate dead skin, vacuum up pores and reduce dark spots and wrinkles. This increases your cell turnover right which increases the look of healthier tighter skin🤍

$10085 min

Dip Nails

Dip nails

$40+90 min

Dip Nails with Tips

$4590 min

Spa Facial

Relaxing spa facial, steam, exfoliation, cleansing, hand massage, treatment, masque, face and neck massage, moisturizer spf

$75+60 min

Spray Tan

$45+30 min


$2830 min

Lip Flip

$154+60 min

Mens Wax

$9060 min

Face Wax

$2510 min

Color correction

$200180 min

Chair Massage

15 minute

$2015 min

2 HR Massage

$160120 min

Bergamot & Grapfruit Massage Oil

Add On Rowe Casa

$1010 min

Cedarwood & Orange Massage Oil

Add On Rowe Casa

$1010 min

Peppermint & Lavender Massage Oil

Add On Rowe Casa

$1010 min

Muscle & Joint Creme

Add On Rowe Casa

$1010 min

Nerve Pain Salve

Add On Rowe Casa

$1010 min

Magnesium Creme

Add On Rowe Casa

$2010 min

Lymphatic Creme

Add On Rowe Casa

$2010 min

Rowe Casa Holistic Facial

30 min

$6030 min

Rowe Casa Holistic Facial

$9060 min

Face, Hands, & Feet Massage

$10060 min

Full Body Massage & Facial

$16590 min